Thy Children EP 2013

by DOWNWIND (Melodic Extreme Metal)

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Recorded at Nox Studio (Kyiv, Ukraine), 2013
Mastering - Alexey "Shaddar" Romanchenko

Downwind is:
Igor Baliun - vocals, lyrics, artwork
Roman "ROKA" Kukushkin - guitars, music
Dmitriy Shevchenko - bass
Raz - drums


released September 22, 2013



all rights reserved


DOWNWIND (Melodic Extreme Metal) Kiev, Ukraine

Downwind - one of the best bands of Ukrainian metal scene. Band which managed to combine classics and modern, speed and melodics, dark atmosphere, drive, and, of course, wide variety of genres of heavy music. Each new song is a real hit, that just can not let you to sit still. Fans of Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove, and simply connoisseur modern metal must listen it! ... more

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Track Name: Beyond The Gate
Beyond The Gate
Beyond the gate knights sleep alone
Enslaved with dreams of ailing swans
They gave this live for the emptiness
Knights sleep alone embraced by Death

Oh, this is death
Oh, this barren earth’s like a ditch of caustic pain
Where the putrid streams of our weakness once flowed down

Into the mouths of the bleating demons
who deprived our days of clarity
Stripping thin pale skins off their paltry dying slaves
It seems that the land is pregnant with our dead
This illness is unrecoverable

Beyond the gate my falcon flies
Above the world of the eternal night
He built his nest in this empty place
Where our last hopes are laid to rest

Oh, in the thousand graves our feelings lie enchained
With the worms of untold we’re sinking deep down

Into the mouths of the bleating demons
Who deprived our days of clarity
We’re bleeding slowly
Inside our shells of woe and agony
It seems that the land is pregnant with our dead
Our weakness is still unrecoverable
Track Name: The Anchorite
The Anchorite
(Oh, Father, I’ve sinned against you, against you)
I’m waiting alone for daylight to come
Loosing the sense of reality
I’m locked inside my dungeon of stone
No one can set me free
Moldy bread I shall give it to rats
Sleeping on hayI can see my dreams
Jesus tells me his new parable
Every day I’m getting closer to his devoted fold
(Father, I’ve sinned against you, you)
These words I speak to you are hidden in my heart
I separate the wheat from the chaff
But I still don’t know who I am
In this world of filthy lucre that was built for greedy seers
Will your angels or their demons whisper in my ear
I discarded my damn old judgments
Meted length of my martyr’s rope
In raiment of faith I’ve robbed my bareness
In raiment of genuine gold
I am the one who saw Satan
In the likeness of God
And it was pretty fix
My candles are still burning out
Illumining in darkness the shades of basilisks
(Father, I’ve sinned against you)
I’m on my knees
My eyes are filled with solemn tears
Oh Lord, please
Release me from my deepest fears
A vestige of your divinity
Penetrates through these limestone walls
With a touch of the Holy trinity
An angel of the morning comes
At daybreak all the shadows shall hide behind the door
Cherubs shall fly in the vault of heaven
I'm longing to rejoice
This divine dawn
I’m on my knees.
I’m on my knees.
My eyes are filled with solemn tears
I’m on my knees.
I’m on my knees.
Release me from my deepest fears
Track Name: The Land of Thousand Towers Pt.1
The Land Of Thousand Towers ( Part I )
Step by step they’re marching through the ground
to find their destination in this common grave
Herd of lepers hurried with the force
Those slaves are constrained forever to traverse
the fields of misery and failing dreams
Of livid emotions at the gate of Eden
You can see in their icy eyes the pain that will never end
Thought your broken glass of ignorance
And from your tower you observe this suffering
Just let them die and rot
The empty skulls are now served as a stable base
For your perfect tower that was built of human waste
For a shelter where you hide the diamonds of your frozen stare
The mystery you hide and lie low there
Side by side they try to fight for existence
Like perplexed deer chased by a pack of wolves
Must we hide or boldly die alone?
They‘re trying to ask
But their chance’s gone
The greatest fear keeps their questions in silence
And drives their shadows to a verge of light
As searing pain does strike an every cell in their brain
Squares into the minds decayed
Across the arch so blear
The steeples of your towers
Tear through the atmosphere
Solid structures made of clay and of hollow bones
Scattered along the graves
Scratching their ribbed stiff trunks
To the unfeeling skies
Enveloped with clouds
Ptomaine-soaked clay
The towers of wrath
Designed by sick mind
From a plenty of sacred bowls
Death drinks red wine
Devours the sounds of hush
Of this reality
To revel in blood
And choke it with delight
Nice balmy flesh disappears in your sly mouth
Inclement wind brought the sands of hereafter
To the emptiness on the blackish wings
Termination, desolation
It’s in your disgraceful soul
Desolation, alteration
Eyes shall expose you
As if foul Death’s about to saddle a bloodless horse
that grazes in the fields of agony
Times of this erratic constancy
Must end and you’ll be smashed to smithereens
Track Name: Agni

Dungeoned in the musty vault
Beneath the old abode
Three prisoners are being tortured
By a means of teaching
Its seemed that even the light of a splinter
Is dismal in this air
Whilst the crime is being done
Whilst those three doomed are screeching
They are chained to the cold damp walls
Like slaves in the ancient times
Jaded with their ruthless life
Harassed with the Holy Writ
(Straw! Blood! Rats! Sweat!)
So they got no chances
To win this tournament
Mere cloistral hounds
Crave for meat of sinners
Miserly pats
Are eating to their heart's content
They want to get your worthless life
To taste your salty blood
Your faded look will signify
That both your eyes are dead
Disloyal offspring of God
Now should feel
Like a shivering animal
Kept for slaughter
But know swallowing own blood
it is the only way to feel relief!
Mere cloistral hounds
Crave for meat of sinners
Miserly pats
Are eating to their heart's content
They want to get your worthless life
To taste your salty blood
Your faded look will signify
That both your eyes are dead
If somebody’s listening to my soliloquy
Let him know, I was not there
So I could help them all to save their lives
I am just a vagrant who tells such stories
The stories no one told
Oh, angels, where are you?
Are you still in the sky?
Their cry had not been heard
Through the veil of the night.
Their mutilated bodies
Were thrown into the moat
Oh, God where had you been
When those innocent died?
Track Name: Witches
Crows black crows
Why did they come?
Don’t peck at their bones
Vile creatures fly away far away from here!
Let’s utter our incantations
To a spirit of the tree
And show our adoration
To the Horned to whom we treat
Beneath the oak of wisdom
Let’s sing and dance in a ring
Let’s make ignescent fire
To bless the dormant seeds of healing weeds
But on that side of the hollow
We’ve heard the harrowing groans
The tough wails of sorrow
Resounded through the old flaccid groves
A keen blazing arrow
Was shot in the air of the morn.
There on the top of the barrow
They kindled pyres for our sisters forlorn
We shall not conceal our convictions
Even if the flames devour our maids
Soon the witches will be sacrificed
For the good of the Christian faith
But on that side of the hollow
We’ve heard the harrowing groans
The tough wails of sorrow
Resounded through the old flaccid groves.
Who would stir up sedition?
Who would call upon the gods?
We’re on the brink of perdition
Oh, Gods lay your hands
On our black dying hearts
This morning they are destined to die
And take their lore to the grave
Our censure is a flagrant crime
It’ll be slain with the catholic glaive
The clergy have found a scapegoat
Our lives not to worth a groat
To be set at naught
Funereal deadwood of the autumn days
Hangs down over our creed
Black furious curs on a papal chain
Will bite us until we all bleed
Our lasses are tied to the aspen poles
They’ve got their sooty faces of hate
Their pale lips want to kiss the dawn
As their pain can’t be ablated any more
There is a willow circlet
As a sign of our sorry lot
It bid fare to be a day of our loss
As this circlet of our morrow’s been burnt
Oh Gods, is there something to stop the time
just only for a spell?
We’d come to the glade
Where a black raven cries scenting the burning smell
No solace for our living
And no rest for our dead
They’ve turned to a wedge of cranes
To leave this hallowed land
This sublime stake has come to an end
It’s dawning and it’s a time to realize
These men dressed in their sacerdotal robes
Lay the foundation of lies
All tracks of their actions has been covered up
And new grass will grow at a temple’s porch
They’re building the gorgeous church
In the place where our sisters
Lost their invaluable lives!
Track Name: The Land of Thousand Towers Pt.2
The Land Of Thousand Towers (Part II )
Dissolved in the silence
Immured in the mourning towers
This deafened howling
of restless souls waiting
You’ve shined like a monarch
But turn to poisonous potion
They will never return
To end their last devotions
Clotho’s spinning her thread of misery
Their names must be erased
From the book of tragedies
Oh my poor friend
Read the run down signs of clotted sores
That came out of the soil
In your vale of woe
It’s your time to know
Look around and see her brooding dreary eyes
To recognize the truth of life and death
What have you done oh my poorest friend?
I see you are on the point
Of writing the ending
Of you book
You should not sleep well this night
Don’t put out your thousand candles
You’ll hear in the breath of wind
There are those men who’ve been killed
You’ve got that glare
Know that demons don’t speak fair
They are aware
You shall never be a king
You’ve found a simple way
To feed your vulture
Is it the life you’ve always dreamed of?
Put their lives in the empty shells
Keep them all they are so fell
See their ghosts trying to walk across
The glowing embers of your hell
Do you feel anxiety
About your dreadful dreams?
But you’re in grime
Deal with truth you can’t deny!
Starring at the ancient gate
Do you feel so desolate?
Howling at the crimson moon
Watch it through your eyes of a wolf
Are you following your bent?
Blood is spilled on both your hands
Won’t you do things out of spite?
Face your solitary live!